The beginning

What started as a dream, went through as a hobby to finalize in 2008 as a company.

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We leverage knowledge of local environments to supply our customers with the most effective hardware and software implementations, services, maintenance and additional support.
Computer Solution is, except the general ICT, specialised in virtualisation, infrastructure, network and security.

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Computer Solution' vision is to provide a single point of contact for innovative IT services.
IT services that suits the customers needs.

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Why Us?

We put our knowledge to your service.

Official Citrix Partner
Using leading-edge technology to go the next mile.
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We learned to combine new technologies with our knowledge, so we can propose a suited solution

Services - ICT solutions

Our IT infrastructure consulting services enables organizations to design, build, run and manage scalable, flexible and reliable IT infrastructure. Through our suite of services, we help our customers in reducing infrastructure costs and facilitate them to focus on strategic initiatives and business transformation.


Managed services

Making entreprise and SMBs Agile.
Through out IT managed services, we enable you to transform rapidly so you can offer your ever-changing customer a great experience. Customising our framwork for you, we integrate it with yous existing IT setup to deliver high uptime through the right combination of poeple, processes and tools.

Information Security

For many organisations, information is their most important asset, so protecting it is crucial.In an increasingly interconnected environment, information is exposed to a growing number and wider variety of risks.
Threats such as malicious code, computer hacking and denial-of-service attacks have become more common, ambitious and sophisticated. Making implementing, maintaining and updating information security in an organisation more of a challenge.


IT environments have grown exponentially and overly complicated and heterogeneous amidst mounting compliance measures. In the changing market and business ecosystem, flexible, scalable, secure and responsive infrastructure is a top priority for entreprises.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is no longer a choice, but an essential part of an IT strategy that enables organizations to keep pace with modernization and automation.
Cloud computing empower you with new capabilities and services that enable your enterprise to deliver end-to-end solutions to your customers at a lower investment.

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